Sweet Potato Chips + the Best Chilli Aioli

by kategreen77

Keeping Sunday tradition.

Every Sunday lunch the family buys chips and chicken.

Today I wanted a funner version. Sweet potato chips cooked in coconut oil, rather than in vegetable oil like chips from the shops. Coconut oil is a stable fat so it is able to heated to high temperatures without destroying it’s wonderful properties. It also revs up your metabolism! It’s a win win really.


Sweet potato
A few spoons of coconut oil
Himalayan salt

A few spoons of sour cream
2 cloves of garlic
Sprinkle of chilli flakes
Dash of lemon
Large teaspoon of wholegrain mustard

Simply cut up the sweet potato to desired thickness and throw into either a fry pan or saucepan. Cook on medium heat with spoons of coconut oil. You can continue to add oil as necessary. Peel the garlic cloves and throw into the pan while it’s cooking. This will bring out the flavour. Add salt while it’s cooking to taste.

For the Aioli, grab the cooked garlic and crush it. Then mix it in with all of the aioli ingredients.

Serve while the chips are still warm and dip into your delicious sauce.