Chocolate Cake Batter Protein Bowl with berries, groaties, almonds, and sesame seeds

by kategreen77



Sarah Wilson and her I Quit Sugar (IQS) movement have been such an inspiration and encouragement to my life. She has so many great recipes and her philosophy is the whole package. Her recipes don’t just cut down on processed sugar. She gives you whole nourishing sustainable food ideas that are good in so many dimensions. She likes fermenting foods for gut health, pre soaking her grains, drinking kombucha; most of her recipes are wheat free, so people like I can tolerate them. She eats so many veggies; she hides them in her smoothies, breads, cakes, snacks, just about everything.

I just recently bought her latest book Simplicious. It is beautiful and it’s massive. She gives the rundown on her general idea of health (not just the same repeated info from her previous books, there’s a lot lot more to know). She teaches you all the basics: how to make sauces, cheeses, ferments, drinks…etc  She shows you by wasting less how to save money and help the earth’s sustainability. And the fact that she looks so gorgeous on the front cover is inspiring if nothing else was. How young and skinny does she look.

To the point. Here is the recipe for this delicious breakfast chocolate cake batter. She just leaves it in the fridge overnight and eats in the morning. I couldn’t finish it all because it’s so filling, so I put the rest in the freezer for a few hours and enjoyed it like an ice cream. Tastes just like a crunchy chocolate paddle pop. Actually so good.

Serves two

1/2 coconut cream
1 1/2 cups of almond milk
1/4 cacoa powder
1/4 almond meal or pre soaked and toasted almonds
1/4 vanilla protein powder
1 frozen or fresh banana
1/2 cup buckwheat groats or whole rolled oats

Activated Groaties, berries, fresh fruit, nuts, coconut flakes, Greek yoghurt or raw cacao nibs to serve.

She says to blend all ingredients except the groats or oats. Stir these groats or oats in after blending and pour into two bowls and place in the fridge overnight. In the morning add your desired toppings and have a blast.

I’m tempted to add a little less liquid next time to make it thicker and creamier, but overall was a delightful treat for breaky.